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Solder splash from component terminal

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Solder splash from component terminal | 12 February, 2017

Hi fellow professionals, Wondering whether anyone has experience with solder splashing from component terminal. Have identified the source using the component without printing solder paste on PCB.

Wondering the root-cause of the solder splashing from the component terminals. High temperature of the component solder itself.

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Solder splash from component terminal | 13 February, 2017

Could be that your temperature ramp up rate is too fast. This could cause the flux in the solder paste to burn off too rapidly. When that happens, it can expand as it heats up and burns off, causing the solder to get spread out from the pad.

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Solder splash from component terminal | 21 February, 2017

Thanks for input, dyoungquist. The condition here is without any flux or paste applied. Solder from component terminal started splashing by itself when put through re-flow.

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Solder splash from component terminal | 22 March, 2017

Hello Henry,

I believe some further clarification may be needed for someone to assist.

Is the component already soldered prior to reflow?

Does the component have paste already applied going through reflow? (or as per my previous question, is it already soldered)

Can you further clarify a "high temp component soldering itself"?

Is the problem that the component location is splashing during reflow (as the component is reflowing itself?)

Perhaps we also need to further define "splashing" as well.

Are there multiple different solder alloys and flux chemistries being used on the application? - Leading to multiple different reflow temperatures / melting points. In this case you may want to explore your materials and determine different activity zones for each.

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