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Stencil Manufacturer

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Stencil Manufacturer | 8 March, 2017

Can you share your stencil manufacturer? We have been using Fineline Stencil(FLS) since 2010 but [I'm unhappy]**. They don't want to honer there own word in writing.

We are looking for better and honest stencil supplier.


** I edited this post to remove personal insults that don't contribute to the conversation. -- davef

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Stencil Manufacturer | 9 March, 2017

Not to sound combative, but are you alright with sharing the issues you've run into with them?

Just curious because I've used them exclusively for the last couple years with nothing but great results.

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Stencil Manufacturer | 9 March, 2017

This is not a adds. I am just asking for other supplier name and experience that they have. Like Phil said he never have any problem with same company. I just wanted to let people know my pain with same company.

Phil- Keep your eyes on the accounting part of it with this supplier. You might get surprise one of this day.

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Stencil Manufacturer | 9 March, 2017

We have had great service from BEST inc.

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Stencil Manufacturer | 10 March, 2017

What part of the country are you located? I know numerous stencil manufacturers in the country that I could refer you to. The one we currently use is Stentech and guarantee next day delivery for basic laser cut stencils. They have always kept their word on this and I have been using them for 7years. I know they have expanded their base and have facilities all over the place.

Markham, Ontario, Canada Tel: 905-472-7773

St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada Tel: 514-338-8778

Austin, TX, USA Tel: 512-453-5660

Derry, NH, USA Tel: 603-505-4470

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Tel: 905-629-8278

Vancouver, BC, Canada Tel: 778-328-8418

Chicago, IL, USA Tel: 630-833-4747

Houston, TX, USA Tel: 713-952-5400

Atlanta, GA, USA Tel: 770-475-4576

Dallas, TX, USA Tel: 972-231-4840

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Stencil Manufacturer | 11 March, 2017

We've had no problems with Stentech - very reputable vendor.

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Stencil Manufacturer | 13 March, 2017

Depends on where are you located? If you are from EU, I can recommend a 4-5 manufacturer.

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Stencil Manufacturer | 13 March, 2017

One more in the US that we have used for many years with excellent results: Integrated Ideas and Technologies, Post Falls, Idaho 208-262-7200

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Stencil Manufacturer | 13 March, 2017

Microscreen llc of South Bend, IN. Supplying screens and stencils for over 30 years. Worth a look.

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Stencil Manufacturer | 14 March, 2017

My company uses Great Lakes Engineering and we haven't had any issues with them.

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Stencil Manufacturer | 15 March, 2017

We always use Stentech - They do everything they can for us and quite often overnight.


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Stencil Manufacturer | 19 April, 2017

Hey Tushar,

In case you are still evaluating new Stencil Suppliers or someone else interested in new stencil suppliers, PCBCart offers free yet superior quality stencils for PCB assembly clients. Learn more at

PCB Assembly quote is always free and welcomed.

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Stencil Manufacturer | 4 May, 2017

In a previous job we had DEK cut our stencils. If you are not already using the Vector-Guard system it is very nice. It saves $25 (or at least at that time it did) per stencil, but the really nice thing is the space savings. You can store several stencils in the same space as 1 stencil that has the large metal tube-frame.

Here is a thread that discussed it:

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Stencil Manufacturer | 5 May, 2017

You can cut space saver hard frames now everywhere at lower price, so I wouldn't recommend Vector Guard as it adds additional expense to get the frames.Maintenance of the frames adds more time and expenses as well.

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Stencil Manufacturer | 19 November, 2018

Hi Tushar,

I used for over 2 years. They can provide PCB prototype, PCB assembly, and stencil service. Prices are affordable! Very professional and I can rely on them and they always come through. So I highly recommend to you!


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