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MPM Ultraprint 2000

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MPM Ultraprint 2000 | 14 March, 2017

My MPM 2000 gave me a message " Camera is not parked" during reset the machine. Please help me with this issue.

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MPM Ultraprint 2000 | 28 March, 2017

Giao, These style of MPM's use stepper motors, but no feedback like an encoder or a resolver. In other words all axis positions are assumed after "Reset" of the machine. Because of this style of drive system there is the potential for the vision gantry to stall over the worknest. If this event happened the worknest would raise with the Z axis and crash into the camera. To prevent this from happening the factory added a "Park" Sensor to the machine which is positioned just inside of the VY (vision Y) positive limit sensor at the right rear of the vision gantry travel. At the end of the "Reset" routine the vision gantry should travel all the way to the rear of it's travel and flag the "Park" sensor, but not the VY Positive sensor as this would cause a different error; VY Hardware limit. Flagging of the Park sensor confirms the VY axis is "Parked" and tells the software that it is okay to run the machine. Route causes, faulty sensor, faulty motor or motor/sensor cables; bad ball screws, to much grease, etc. One thing that throws techs off is that the machine may Reset fine, but fail later. That's because during Reset the axis is moving slowly, but failing at a higher rate of speed during use. For machines that have a rail mounted Fiber-optic park sensor, the same problems occur, but there is an additional point of potential "Park" error with the rear moving rail not being in the correct position. For the rest of you, AP series machines work the same way, but they have the air bearings or Forcer/Platens instead of the ballscrews and can also can come with rear or rail mounted park sensors. UP3000/Ultrflex, same applies, but the Park/VY Pos sensors are at the left rear of travel only. No rail park sensor for these machines.

I hope you find this information helpful


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