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Auto cleaning squeegee

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Auto cleaning squeegee | 17 August, 2017

Dear experience members, Now we are using permelex squeegee blade and we do cleaing it after printing 24 hours. Actually, it took very long time to clean. we need to take out one by one screw and use bemcot paper/ alcohol to clean solder remaining on blade and holder. Now we are thinking to use "Ultrasonic cleaner" to make vibration then use air gun to make it dry. Do you have and idea or valuable experience, please share me?

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Auto cleaning squeegee | 18 August, 2017

Ultrasonic works fine for squeegees.

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Auto cleaning squeegee | 21 August, 2017

Dear Pavel, Did u use it? Does it need any solution (solvent)? We tested 2 times with water and alcohol but it didn't work. Do u have any idea?

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Auto cleaning squeegee | 23 August, 2017

hi dear. i'm interest about auto cleaning squeegee and i wanna know , is it really work ? I mean is it possible to clean squeegee with air knife ? thanks .

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Auto cleaning squeegee | 26 August, 2017

Dear, My current method incluce steps below: 1. take out all screw 2. Put them into alcohol 3. Clean it with bemcot paper which wet by alcohol 4. Dry it by air gun 5. Checking by Dino camera. It took so much time. Now i want to do it automatic to reduce man power and more easy control.

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