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IPC essentials course

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IPC essentials course | 3 October, 2017

My company pays for me to get certified to be an in house IPC trainer and I receive a certificate that says I am certified for two years, but IPC says halfway through the two years that I need to take another course to be able to hold an official class. Really..... what kind of mother F@%$^*^ B(*^%$&$^& is that??? What's it going to be next year, I need to take flying lessons or how about classic violin lessons before I can train another class.... piss off

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IPC essentials course | 14 February, 2018

I agree 100% with you!! this was nothing more than a way to generate $$$$. the course was a complete joke! the person we contract to train our trainer and some of our ipc-620 folks thought the very same thing, she was very frustrated with it. we paid the money and put our trainer through it but contested it all the way! The smog pompous individual from IPC we dealt with had a wise Ars response for every one of our questions too! they are a treat to deal with.

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IPC essentials course | 14 February, 2018

Yep ... another money grab from IPC. A prediction: Soon IPC will be directly competing with ALL of the Master Instructors they teach.

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