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arrange the line on crystal oscillator

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arrange the line on crystal oscillator | 23 October, 2017

Hello guys, I'm a new learner in PCB field. And recently, I have summarized some basic information I learnt on how to arrange the line on crystal oscillator, but I'm not sure if it is right. So I'll write it down below, hope anyone who may read my post can make suggestions and comments to share with each other. Thank you all. Below is my summary : 1.To prevent interference from other signals, it would be better to make the pin closer to the chip. Meanwhile, as the source of the signal, prevents to interfere with other lines is also necessary. 2.Considering about the anti-interference ability, iron clad crystal vibration is our first choice. 3.All the layers below the crystal should be covered by GND copper sheet, while routing is not allowed. 4. Don’t be close to Digital signal line. 5.The backflow of the load capacitance must be short. 6.Crystals oscillator should be surrounded by GND, but left a hole to solder with the ironclad with GND copper.

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