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Training for ViTrox V510 AOI machine

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Training for ViTrox V510 AOI machine | 15 November, 2017

We acquired a used ViTrox V510 AOI machine, our first AOI machine. The programming interface is quite a bit different from our Pick and Place machines so our current tech is not familiar with it. We read the programming manual and made some progress with that but need some more in depth help with things like these: 1. Is our CAD file correct because it doesn't seem to show home 0,0 where we expect and the component locations shown on screen do not seem to match the cad file coordinates. 2. If we move components with the programming software, sometimes it will relocate other components that were perfectly located before. 3. Are the algorithms correct for what we need to inspect for? It seems to 'pass' components that should be 'failed'. 4. We created a new algorithm but I don't think it is done correctly.

I'm looking for contact people or recommendations for training and/or service resources. The ViTrox distributor (AIS in Austin TX) offers training but I was wondering if there were any other resources that were closer to us in North Carolina or more cost effective. Any guidance or tips would be welcome.

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Training for ViTrox V510 AOI machine | 9 January, 2018

Hi,Dear We are specialized in producing SPI and AOI Chinese manufacturers, are you interested to talk about it?

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