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BOM Expander

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BOM Expander | 28 November, 2017

When you get a BOM like this:



Does anyone use any simple tools out there that would automatically expand the BOM to one ident/line so that things are easier to find & compare with the pick and place file for example.

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BOM Expander | 28 November, 2017

Most of it can be re-formatted in Excel. In cases like this I will spend the time to write some macros that does it automatically. If it is just a single occasion, just format it in Excel. You can turn commas into columns and rows. You can change columns to rows, you can write your own functions to do exactly what you tell them(5 operations at one click)

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BOM Expander | 19 January, 2018

FactoryLogix from Aegis has this ability. It will also then compare the BOM to CAD in seconds. Some examples of the checks it will do - references missing on either (confirms non-pops), qty on BOM that mis-matches the number of references listed, etc.

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BOM Expander | 28 January, 2018


Can you tell us why you need it? We have solutions that includes this feature as a part of process such as QPlace, QPlan etc. You can read about our solution on the website:

Best Regards, Alexei

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BOM Expander | 28 January, 2018

... Laziness, less work / Excel skills than Evitmovs solution and less money than something like Aegis. However we've had a recent increase in small but complex jobs as well as a good sniff of a large steady one and you can sneak all sorts into a new line ;).

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