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Electrical Test problem

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Electrical Test problem | 17 January, 2018

I have the follwing problem in our proccess

we have to many problem with via hole and trought plated holes like voids air bubbles .

During the eletricial test process our machine is not detecting this problems , the voids and air bubbles

How can I detect this and how is the best test paramet ers

our parametters is the IPC STANDARD


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Electrical Test problem | 18 January, 2018

I'm aware of no electrical test for detecting voids and air bubbles. If someone was x-raying my boards and saw voids and air bubbles and they weren't happy about it, first thing I'd do is convince them that the boards a within standard. You know something like IPC-A-610, Section 5.2.2, Solder Anomalies.

Section 5.2.2, defines all voids, blowholes, and pinholes as a process indicators. So if you're seeing them, you should be looking to determine what's wrong with your process. It sounds like you've gotten past determining if voids are a symptom or a defect.

So, my first guess is that you don't have your wave setup properly.

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