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Fiducials | 31 January, 2018

what is the best type of fiducial to use when making a PCB? currently the engineer at my job is using a square fiducial on the track layer and it is covered in masking. the camera doesnt pick it up correctly due to the shadow around it. and usually all the components on the board are a bit shifted because the fiducial wasn't seen correctly to begin with. i am not sure how to approach this situation or to have this problem corrected.

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Fiducials | 31 January, 2018

I like a 1mm circle with a 2-3mm mask relief around it.

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Fiducials | 31 January, 2018

Phil is right on the money.


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Fiducials | 8 February, 2018

yep, Phil nailed it. Also, don't put them in all 4 corners, or if you do, don't place them symmetrically.

And keep them far enough from the edge that rail clamps won't block them.

And make sure to put them on BOTH sides of a double sided board.

These are all things I've seen and had to deal with.

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Fiducials | 9 February, 2018

Consider offsetting the dimensions for at least one fiducial when applying them to the top and bottom side of a board. This helps to pokayoke the design by preventing an operator from accidentally loading the magazine or printer with the "wrong side facing up."

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