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Quad Autoprogram Software

Vicki J


Quad Autoprogram Software | 10 January, 2001

I am looking for someone who has run Autoprogram software by Quad in Windows98. It was written for Windows 3.11, and the tech support guys at quad say they think it can be run in Win98, but aren't sure how to make it work. Any help would be appreciated. Vicki

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Quad Autoprogram Software | 16 January, 2001

Vicki, I also am in need of the autoprogram for quad. I have tried several different computers with Windows 98 and have not had any luck. If you find a way to make it work let me know. Chuck

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Brian Adkins


Quad Autoprogram Software | 17 January, 2001

Quad tech support had a fix when we needed to use it on Win95 a while back. I can't remember what it was but they should have it documented. Seems like this would also work on Win98.

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Vicki J


Quad Autoprogram Software | 18 January, 2001

Yeah, I have that fix. I also thought if it worked for Win95 it would work for Win98, but no such luck. I talked to tech support again (new guy this time) and he said they don't guarantee it to work with Win98. I guess it's back to Win95 if I want to use it. Thanks, All.

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