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SMT800-CL Manual / Repair Manual / Parts List

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SMT800-CL Manual / Service Manual / Parts List | 2 March, 2018

We have a SMT800-CL and we are having issues reading the Sump/Chamber Temp and Resistivity. We are looking for a manual, parts list, or service manual for the machine that we purchased used in 2012.

The RAW reading of the sump and chamber Resistivity sensor is 3.9. The reading on the resistance is 500K. We have measured the water manually and we are getting 3Meg. I have tried to adjust the Offset, but the highest it goes is 750K, no where near the 3M the tank actually has.

The same thing for the Temp, the offset will only allow us to go to 100 degrees but the Sump temp is 133. This sensor had the part replaced internally and didn't fix the issue. Any ideas to repair or solutions?

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