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Hi All, Looking for a good Aussie supplier ? Cost is... - Mar 18, 2018 by AndrewJacobs  


PCB Manufacturing Australia | 18 March, 2018

Hi All,

Looking for a good Aussie supplier ?

Cost is not the major concern, i just need good quality and reliability.

any suggestions ?



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PCB Manufacturing Australia | 21 March, 2018

Here is a small list


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PCB Manufacturing Australia | 25 April, 2018

Dear Andrew,

Hi I am not sure if you still need pcb ,we can supply high quality one up to 24 layers.

You can send your project to

I will quote you about the price.

Best Regards,

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PCB Manufacturing Australia | 30 April, 2018

Optimatech works as electronic assembly companies that cater the needs for PCB fabrication, manufacturing, design, engineering, and much more. Request a quote today!

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PCB Manufacturing Australia | 19 May, 2018

Hello Andrew ,

Hope you find supplier of PCB already .

If you still need metal PCB shielding solering on PCB board can try .

Thanks , Jingyi Precision

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PCB Manufacturing Australia | 24 May, 2018

Hello Andrew

How about PCB Supplier from Taiwan? we provides good quality(all of our out going product are inspected) To prevent minor Items leak out.

Contact me, don't be hesitate. William Chen.

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PCB Manufacturing Australia | 25 May, 2018

Hi Andrew,

A professional pcb manufaccture will help you.

We can deliever sample within 36 hours with high quality.

Please contact us via Phone number 86-17707340946

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PCB Manufacturing Australia | 19 July, 2018

Hello Andrew,

This is Teresa form allpcb. ALLPCB is a topspeed pcb manufacturer in China, specializing in high quality and cheap pcb prototype & production, pcb assembly and smt stencil services online. We are in China not Austrail, but if you can give us a chance, we will give you a surprise. See more infirmation:

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PCB Manufacturing Australia | 19 July, 2018

Hi Andrew, Welcome to contact us, we are a professional PCB and PCBA manufacturer that can shipping out high quality PCB within 24 hours. Dedicated to supply service to R & D engineer. Contact email Web site

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PCB Manufacturing Australia | 19 July, 2018


This is Amy from Luyue International Trade(HK) Co.,Ltd.A more than 5 years company focused on SMT machinery equipment and SMT spare parts.If you need any help in this filed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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PCB Manufacturing Australia | 31 July, 2018

Hello Andrew,

This is WellPCB. WELLPCB is Focusing on Printed Circuit Board Fabrication and PCB Assembly Turnkey Services.

Our minimum order quantity is 1pcs. Of course, this is not displayed on the website and you need to send an email.

This is our website

If you have any questions, you can contact our online chat to answer your questions.

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PCB Manufacturing Australia | 29 October, 2018

Dear Andrew: Nice day! This is Joe from Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co,. Ltd.-- a leading PCB and PCBA manufacturer in China. Why choose Vipcircuit ? 1. PCB fabrication with 100% ET and AOI testing,certified by ISO, UL; 2. Special material like Rogers,Arlon,Taconic,Aluminum base; 3. Special technology PCB such as HDI, heavy copper,golden finger,flex or rigid-flex and so on; 4. Multilayer from 1L to 30L 5. Minimum trace and space: 3/3 mil; 6. Fast lead time for 1L or 2L: 24 hours; 7. PCB reverse engineering service (provide PCB schematics,BOM and gerber file); 8. Component procurement and PCB assembly. Welcome that if you can send us any of your inquiries and we will try our best to give you a best price and fastest service. E-mail:

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PCB Manufacturing Australia | 19 November, 2018

Dear Andrew How are you?Do you still active on the forums? If you received my message,please contact me( What kind of PCB supplier do you mainly looking for?we support rigid,flex-rigid,flex,we have extremely good quality control,support with cost effective pcbs Sincerely Dave Chow Multech PCB Technologies Co.,Limited

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PCB Manufacturing Australia | 12 December, 2018

Can you please share top PCB manufacturers in USA?

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PCB Manufacturing Australia | 22 December, 2018

Check us out:

Great quality, all ISO accreditation (9001, 13485, 140001). DFM and DFT using Valor MSS.

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PCB Manufacturing Australia | yesterday at 11:03 PM

we are specialized manufacturers from China, Blank PCB Board, Impedance Control PCB, circuit board prices, PCB With Impedance Control

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PCB Manufacturing Australia | yesterday at 11:07 PM

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