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AS9100D Fact check

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AS9100D Fact check | 19 April, 2018

Hello All, I was told that if the plant that I work in got an AS9100D certification then as the Facility Maintenance Mgr I would not be allowed to use any of my personal tools in the course of doing my job, which includes maintenance and repair of SMT and Wave solder capital equipment.

Any input on this? Thank you.

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AS9100D Fact check | 19 April, 2018

It's likely.

Under any of the XX9100X standards, all procedures, including repair & maintenance, must be documented. The procedures define the proper steps and tools that are acceptable for people to do something. Procedures define the way your company does things. Procedures and your adherence to them tell your customers that you know what you're doing and you're disciplined about the way that do it.

Two things come out of this that apply to your question ... 1 If tools are not written-up in the procedure, you can't use them and 2 If a tool is written-up in the procedure, your company needs to provide you with that tool.

That's your baseline.

Here's the way it works ...

Your company needs procedures. If it has procedures, they're shit and have to be rewritten. As a result, there's going to be a bunch of pinheads running around writing procedures for the next X number of months. Raise your hand if you've ever seen one pinheads handing you wrenches while your were field stripping a wave solder pot to replace a pump. Right. Me neither.

They're going to ask you how you do it or more likely, they going to task you with writing the procedure in "rough form."

Got it?

Here's the fall-back ,,, If you end-up with a poor procedure, there will be ways to fix it.

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AS9100D Fact check | 19 April, 2018

I would say not likely unless it's at least serialized, but certainly so if it requires calibration....point being LOTS of stuff requires calibration for AS9100 activity.

Simple hand tools probably not, for example, but your calipers, multimeters w/thermocouples, etc., definitely.

Of course it depends on whether or not you mean the FAA would call you on it or just if some pinhead requires it because he's a-skeered of an audit.

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AS9100D Fact check | 23 April, 2018

It also depends on how good your auditors are. We are very tight on calibration and maintenance across all sites but it's definitely the UK auditors that drive us to be better.

They are the ones who match historical builds against tool calibration records instead of just checking what is on a bench or shadow board.

Last non conformance we had was an out of date can of WD40 in an employee's own tool box in the wrong area. Wasn't even used in our production.

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