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Verifying requested copper weight

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Verifying requested copper weight | 24 April, 2018

Is there a preferred method among printed circuit board assembly for accurately and quickly verifying the copper weight of a printed circuit board? I would like a tool and process that our quality inspector could quickly use to verify upon receipt of the printed circuit board before it is released to be assembled.

Currently I have tried Oxford instruments 95M tool, by adding a trace that is .125" wide in the break away rail. I've not had any luck as I don't believe the surface area is large enough for this tool to measure. The tool works, I tested it on copper plates we have. My second thought was a measurement technique to measure the thickness of the board and the thickness of a plated area (test area in the breakaway rail) and the difference should equal the approximate thickness of 1, 2, 3, etc copper weight. I don't know it this method has repeat ability however.

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Verifying requested copper weight | 24 April, 2018

Alibaba has plenty of them

Just stick to the ultrasonic method to measure the copper thickness.


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Verifying requested copper weight | 24 April, 2018


Uusually for professional PCB factory they can supply "By microscopic slicing" services so that you can make sure the cooper thickness is excatly like you need.

If factory is small then usually don't have this services,and normally can not test.

But I think for a standard PCB factory should havethis services like ours.hope it helpful

Best Regards,

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Verifying requested copper weight | 9 September, 2018

we are a PCB house, you can add some patterns at breaktabs or board edge, this can help you easily verify copper weight for every circuit layer.

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Verifying requested copper weight | 11 September, 2018

If you need to know the exact copper thickness of the board, you can ask the Fab to offer the microscopic report, I have already made a 2oz board in ALLPCB before and asked them offeed me this report,usually normal factories can offer it but need addtional cost

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