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Nozzle selection

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Nozzle selection | 1 May, 2018

Hi All, I am wondering if there is a standard or any documentation for the selection of which nozzles to use for components. From my little experience in the world of SMT manufacturing the selection process for nozzles seems to be the best guess by people who have worked and gained experience in the smt process. I would welcome any help on the issue.

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Nozzle selection | 1 May, 2018

On older machines, this would be done by experience, and maybe a quick look at a table in the machine programming and/or service manual. On newer high performance machines it is optimized in the software ( nozzle changes are costly in time). A job not done takes no time!


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Nozzle selection | 2 May, 2018

Contact the machine mfg. and see if they have a cross reference table for you.

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Nozzle selection | 2 May, 2018

Based on the pickup surface area: 1. Use the biggest nozzle possible, 2.Keep in mind that some nozzles have bigger inside diameter hole(more vacuum) 3. Keep in mind that some pickup surfaces are rigid(not really flat surface) - use rubber tip nozzles for these for better vacuum development. There will be exceptions of these basic rules(special nozzle required), but understanding these should be a very good start.

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Nozzle selection | 5 May, 2018

Follow Evtimov's explanation.

I have a machine that is difficult to source nozzles. We made up nozzles using medical syringe s/s needles. Works great. Just and idea.......

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Nozzle selection | 8 May, 2018

Hi, what is your machine?

Please be informed that the recommended selections of pick up nozzle usually shows on the manual, but the information of custom / special nozzle is disclosure by some brands.

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