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MPM SPM Question

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MPM SPM Question | 13 May, 2018

Hello all you SMT Netters! Please see if you can help us out. We have a older MPM SPM printer in great shape but it has one problem, and it is something I remember happening before but I cannot remember what to do to fix it.

It happens when the table moves under the stencil and is supposed to lock into place while the stencil goes up and down. When it gets to the point of locking we hear a loud SNAP or POP sound and the table does not lock.... I know this can be corrected but cannot remember the cure.... Please help!!!

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MPM SPM Question | 16 May, 2018

Does the table move under the stencil than just sit there doing nothing? there is an optical sensor in the machine near the end of travel, sometimes solder past or dirt gets into it preventing the contact from being made.

Another issue I vaguely recall is having to adjust the pressure in the air cylinder. If its too high, the table slams into the machine with a loud bang, but if its too low, there's not enough pressure to drive the table all the way to then end, preventing the aforementioned sensor fro being triggered.

Also, in the back of the machine is a PCB with a lot of wire harnesses plugged into it. You'll know it when you see it. I've found that reseating these tends to fix a lot of weird errors.

It's been along time since I've had to support one of those machines. Let us know if you find the solution.

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MPM SPM Question | 23 May, 2018


Thanks for the feedback. Between your confirmation and my feeble memory I was able to make the adjustments and the MPM is running like new!

Thanks SMT Net!

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MPM SPM Question | 24 May, 2018

OK, one more question about our MPM. When we flip the table lock switch it does not seem to lock very tight. XY adjustments can still be made even with the lock on? Suggestions??

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MPM SPM Question | 24 May, 2018

Mine did the same thing, I wasn't really sure what that switch was for. I never cared enough to worry about it since the boards always required some fine adjustment before printing.

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