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OvenRider SPC Criteria

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OvenRider SPC Criteria | 14 May, 2018

We are using ECD OvenRIDER to validate our reflow ovens on a weekly basis to have the data to show our customers that the board we ran 3 months ago saw the same oven condition as the one ran yesterday. Cp/ Cpk is calculated by ECD using a manually input +/- 2.5 Degree Spec Limit around the mean Control limits +/-3 sigma. I was curious to hear if others are doing the same, and if so, what criteria do you track? Oven Process Peak (using the pucks), Oven Ambient (using the open air TC's), etc. How would one monitor and show belt speed fluctuation? I'm using Process Delta through a middle zone, figure if it spends the same time traveling through a zone (speed) then the process delta in that zone should be the same and therefore the speed is the same. Last but not least, do you compare oven to oven using the same recipe, and how much of a difference between ovens do you see? We want/ do share recipes between like ovens. No two ovens are exactly the same, but how close is close enough?

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OvenRider SPC Criteria | 14 May, 2018

Validating your oven is a good thing. Build your own vehicle that is wide enough with integrated/strongly attached thermo-couples on it. Use always the same vehicle with thermo-couples on the same spots and run it through the oven for verification. I personally prefer to keep the oven in good condition instead of constantly test for one. Weekly looks crazy often to me, but you know your procedures better. I personally will do monthly if I have a choice. If your oven brand/models are the same you should see consistent results all across.

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OvenRider SPC Criteria | 18 May, 2018

Currently doing weekly to get a good baseline. Once its satisfied that the oven is stable/repeatable, then it will probably go with a monthly PM. We had an OvenRider in house, so no need to reinvent the wheel and make another vehicle. Keeping it in good condition goes without saying, but when Mr. John Q. Customer comes in asking how do you know and show me.. Regardless if you use your own or a OvenRider, still curious what others look at...

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