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Set up inspection parameter for SPI machine

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Set up inspection spec for SPI machine | 22 May, 2018

Hi All,

Could you share for me inspection spec that you set up for SPI machine ? Which standard you base that? IPC or something like that. So far, my factory set up as below: Area , volume , high are: lower limit is 60%, upper limit 160% for 0201 chip and IC. 70% and 170% for bigger component.

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Set up inspection spec for SPI machine | 5 June, 2018

Hello sir, Limits in SPI can vary a lot, also depending on finishing of the pcb. For example 170% volume on an IC (assuming is fine pitch) can be okay for ENIG, but very bad if HASL. For are I would recommend that you use either 50-130, or 60-135 max, because if area is 150, maybe you will be in trouble. So what i usually do: 1. Set up general values based on finishing, pcb, component types. Area 50-135, volume 50-185, height 50-185, position 0.16mm 2. After a trial run of 10 panels i would change settings and group components by type if necessary. Fine pitch IC i change setting for volume to 60-150, and height maybe 60-160 (depending in each situation). It is very important to see in which parameter you have defects and then adjust the limits according that. it is not an easy job, but it gets more easy in time.

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Set up inspection spec for SPI machine | 6 June, 2018

Thank for your sharing. I am also trying find out the best parameter for our product.

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