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Missprinting cleaning

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Missprinting cleaning | 23 May, 2018

Hi experts,

I asked our chinese board manufacturer about their recommended procedure to clean miss-printing.

The answer was that they use Absolut Alcohol while use IPA currently and we are moving to a water based cleaning agent with ultrasound.

They justify the Absolut Alcohol becouse if they have to use the water based agent, then they have to wash and dry after ultrasound.

What do you recommend?

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Missprinting cleaning | 30 May, 2018

Drink the Absolut

IPC published the Stencil and Misprinted Board Cleaning Handbook (IPC-7526). Free download here:

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Missprinting cleaning | 31 May, 2018

I wonder if I can convince corporate that we require 55 gallon drums of Vodka to clean circuit boards based on this post.

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Missprinting cleaning | 1 June, 2018

hahaha, I first thought the same joke and researched a bit.

So to clarify to anyone reading this post, what the chinese guys called Absolut Alcohol is not the Vodka brand, it is Ethanol, which has <1% water contents, also called dehidrated alcohol, while IPA is 30% water. So you can see that they try to avoid oxidation by using the Ethanol.

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