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Solderability Life Estimation

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Solderability Life Estimation | 3 July, 2018

Our firm is SMT factory exclude design, components are selected by customers. We are going on a project by studying the solderability life of warranty at least 3 year for customers requirement. The theory is if the workmanship is good enough, then the product can be lived in the market longer enough. I've looking into the IPC-A-9701A, JESD22-A104D and consulted with Lab., however, I found IPC-A-9701A was developed at the background of Lead process with OSP PCB a decade ago, the reliability testing model wasn't completed at that time. I also asked our Japanese solder paste vendor, they used thermal shock 1000 cycles to test if whisker growth but couldn't be suitable to count warranty years(?). We want to prove our capability that workmanship is meet with national standard(s) and 3 year warranty is possible.

I would like to get some suggestion from this forum. Is there any documentations I shall look further? Or what kind of reliability test I shall conduct? and so on...

and any of comments will be really appreciated.

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Solderability Life Estimation | 6 July, 2018

ACCELERATION FACTORS AND THERMAL CYCLING TEST EFFICIENCY FOR LEAD-FREE SN-AG-CU ASSEMBLIES [] Jean-Paul Clech EPSI Inc. Montclair, New-Jersey, USA Paper (copyright EPSI Inc. © 2005) was presented at SMTA International, Chicago, IL, Sept. 25-29, 2005

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