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Rework Station for Large PCBs

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Rework Station for Large PCBs | 23 July, 2018

Hey Everyone,

looking to purchase a new rework station to support large PCBs. Currently up to a maximum of ~ 21" x 18".

Does anyone have experience with any of the following equipment or can recommend from other manufacturers?

- VJ: Summit 2200 - VJ: Summit LXi - AIR-VAC: DRS27T - AIR-VAC: ONYX29

- Ersa IP/PL 650 XL

- Ersa HR 600 XL

if you have experience with the above and are in Canada do you know if these are CSA compliant as they are not listed as such.

edit: updated list to include Ersa equipment

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Rework Station for Large PCBs | 24 July, 2018

Please take a look at the model DEN-ON RD500V series machine , it can handle 700 x500 mm (28" x 20 ") and can also be customized for larger PCB.

The company is quite reliable (55 years old) and makes very strong equipment.

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Rework Station for Large PCBs | 24 July, 2018

PACE Worldwide has a new BGA Rework Station slated for production next month called the TF 2800. . It is based on the PACE's popular TF 1800 BGA & SMT Rework System (see TF1800 at but is designed for large boards, up to 24" x 24". It is made in the USA by PACE, a company that is celebrating their 60th year in business!

For a Tech Bulletin on this new product See:

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Rework Station for Large PCBs | 24 July, 2018


thanks for your response and the information on the TF2800. Would this be suitable for PCBs up to 30 layers?

The specs of the bottom heater are quite low in comparison to other "large PCB" rework stations. 1000W bottom heater whereas most are ranging 4000W - 15000W

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Rework Station for Large PCBs | 24 July, 2018

Note that the TF2800 features a large 7 panel preheater with an adjustable height component that allows you to adjust the height of the IR preheater to get much closer to the board. This feature multiples the power of the preheater exponentially, so if you need the extra umph ... the TF2800 can meet the requirement. In addition, the unit is energy efficient and it does not require special electrical connections - just provide 120 VAC with dedicated 20 amp supply, and you're good. Also note that systems with 4000-10,000W of preheat power will likely cost you upwards of $65k - over $100K, so I hope you have deep pockets. The TF2800 is designed for production use and is only US$45K! We could set up a video demo for you but I would suggest your sending us the 30 layer board to demonstrate on, if that is possible.

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Rework Station for Large PCBs | 24 July, 2018

Yes the DEN-ON machines can handle multiple layer PCBs, there are customers in the USA they are using the RD500V and VL model for PCBs 50-100layers. (PCBs28"x >24") The RD500V has three heaters and it uses a combination of hot gas and IR. The area heater can range from 3600 watts to 4800 watts with a bottom localized heater that is 1 000 watts which has adjustable z movement. The price of the RD500V series will not break the bank.

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