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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input

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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input | 2 August, 2018

I need your input. What are your thoughts?

Currently SMTnet is looking to improve process. It uses four different lists of categories that all are maintained and updated separately. A single LIST makes sense.

Approaches to arranging the LIST being considered are:

ALTERNATIVE #1 - By Function



Equipment - Assembly

Equipment - Board Fabrication

Equipment - Semiconductor Fabrication

Equipment - Test, Inspection, & Measurement

Equipment - Material Handling

Manufacturer of Products


Software Products

ALTERNATIVE #2 - By Activity


Component Preparation

SMT Assembly

PTH Assembly


Rework, Repair

Box Build



Equipment - Board Fabrication

Manufacturer of Products

Semiconductor Design Equipment

Semiconductor Mask/Reticle Manufacturing Equipment

Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing Equipment

Semiconductor Wafer Processing Equipment

Semiconductor Dry Etch Equipment

Semiconductor Thin Film Deposition Equipment

Semiconductor Metrology & Inspection Equipment

Semiconductor CMP Equipment


Software Products

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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input | 3 August, 2018

I really don't think it matters between the two. Instead how about a site that doesn't go offline repeatedly? Some more anti forum spam techniques using better software than whatever this is. Also ditch the silly anti anything even resembling slightly a teeny bit rude filter- its really annoying.

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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input | 3 August, 2018

Thanks for your input

I agree down time sucks. SMTnet has moved back office stuff to a separate server and has a project to identify and act on source of outages. Trying to improve.

Sorry to say I'm your "anti forum spam" processor. I'll do better.

What do you mean by ... "ditch the silly anti anything even resembling slightly a teeny bit rude filter"? Over the years, we've gotten more formal, less comical and free wheeling, more grumpy. But there is no "rude filter" as such. [There's a cuss word filter. There's a "who knows what word" filter.] It's the attitude we've all taken. So, light it up. It's your FORUM.

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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input | 3 August, 2018

Alternative 2 works for us.

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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input | 3 August, 2018

Alternative 1 seems too generic. I like alternative 2.


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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input | 3 August, 2018

Alternative #1 of course. The simpler the better :)

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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input | 3 August, 2018

Totally agree with Michael. Alternative 1 is way too generic.

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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input | 7 August, 2018

Personally I like #1!

Being generic isnt always a bad thing.

Many times I have come across concepts, products, and ideas that I would not have found had I not been searching through a "greater/broader scope" of topics and subjects.

Organization is good but collaborative thinking is genius. - I think it also allows for experts seeking solutions or looking to offer assistance; the ability to navigate and browse through a larger pool - if you will.

Some of our best ideas come from places we would have never have considered. - I mean, to search direct topics, there is always the search bar at the upper left!

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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input | 9 August, 2018

#2, and for the record I'd rather see the occasional off color remark than 2 year old "who's the best overseas pcb supplier" threads being perpetually updated with the same nonsense.

I know I can just ignore them, but I don't. I HAVE to look at the train wreck and I'm always disappointed that there aren't more snarky comments. ;)

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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input | 9 August, 2018

With you!!! What about saying what you think when someone posts a thread that's identical to the thread posted by someone else and is located four lines below the one they just posted?

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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input | 9 August, 2018

But...."MY thread!"

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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input | 9 August, 2018

Should threads "sunset"?

Should threads over say, 2 months be closed to further replies?

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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input | 9 August, 2018

In my opinion sunsetting threads would be a silly decision - as new technologies emerge all the time that can offer a solution to an old / well-known problem.

Furthermore, What is the harm in keeping it open?

Sounds to me like many people are having more issues with Vendor Baiting and redundant threads.

True: Most people feel their problem is specific and all new - which many of us know is not the case. But its an open forum. It goes hand in hand unfortunately. You can see this in any auto enthusiast forum as well. That is my experience. It really comes down to the community to help direct new comers and educate on where and what to post. Managing accounts comes down to the hosting party.

I would focus more on Vendor Baiting (eg: for Overseas PCB Fabrication, best PCB Supplier) etc. Seems like filtering your users and grading them on content would be a more direct approach. Typically 3-strike rules work well. How you manage the amount of traffic is really up to you.

- Now: It is great when a company can offer up a product or service that bridges the gap from problem to solution but (i would go so far to say) everyone on here knows whom the real culprits are; in terms of enterprising a thread to bait a sale or solicit a service.

In many forums, vendors too have a location where they can market their products and services. This keeps them on their own side of the field -so to speak. Now, for people or individuals looking to cross the line is where a hosting management solution needs to kick in. (eg. 3-strike rule)

Not sure of the practicality of all of this - since I do not manage users nor monitor content; perhaps you have better "behind the scenes" knowledge. Keeping in mind, new accounts can be made all the time - it may be a multi-prong approach in which you also need to better qualify the accounts being created annexing existing accounts that fail to meet qualification criteria or "foul out" of the 3-strike rule.

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SMTnet Site: Need Your Input | 10 August, 2018

In my opinion the SMT net admins do a good job swatting the spam when it pops up. I would be hesitant to change anything. We have a lot of vendor reps, and people with a commercial interest who still manage to provide valuable content on the forum.

I also am against sun setting old threads. sometimes people with issues will post a useful follow up months later. Sometimes also, people will post a solution to an old problem with the understanding that it might help others searching the forums.

I'd rather live with the occasional "who's the best PCB supplier" thread with the inevitable 20 responses of "try us" than risk alienating valuable forum content.

Now LinkedIn on the other hand... With their resources and volume of traffic, I wish they could do something about all the 'pretty Chinese ladies' selling PCBs, constantly spamming me with invitations.

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