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Solder Iron Tips - Acceptable Temp Tolerance?

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Solder Iron Tips - Acceptable Temp Tolerance? | 31 August, 2018

I'm putting together a spec for testing solder tips for resistance, voltage leakage, and temp tolerance.

I've found solid numbers for both max acceptable resistance and voltage leakage, but nothing for max temp tolerance.

Anyone have values they're currently using and happy with? Or even just some suggestions?

Thanks in advance! -Phil

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Solder Iron Tips - Acceptable Temp Tolerance? | 2 September, 2018

Cold resistance between the tip of the tool and the ground reference, tip current leakage, and tip voltage. per ANSI ESD STM 13.1

J-STD-001 Rev G, Appendix “A” Guidelines for Soldering Tools and Equipment:

A-2 BENCHTOP AND HAND SOLDERING SYSTEMS Selection criteria of benchtop and hand soldering systems include:

a. Soldering systems are selected for their capacity to heat the connection area rapidly and maintain sufficient soldering temperature range at the connection throughout the soldering operation.

b. Equipment should be able to maintain control within ±10 °C [+18 °F] of the selected or required temperature during multiple point-to-points or thermal mass on demand soldering operations to verify temperature stability.

c. Temperature stability-degradation to peak [set] recovery temperature – should be periodically checked to demonstrate soldering device can provide temperature control limits defined in Section (b) for multiple load, point-to-points soldering [for example; soldering of a multi-leaded component (s)] or depending on thermal mass demand soldering.

Note: Frequency of verification of temperature stability should be dictated by objective evidence of compliance to Section (b).

d. Temperature stability-degradation to recovery overshoot - should be checked using point to point or on thermal mass demand soldering and shall not exceed the limits defined in section (b).

e. Resistance between the tip of soldering systems and the workstation common point ground should not exceed 5 ohms. Heated element and tips are measured when at their normal operating temperature.

f.. AC and DC current leakage from heated tip to ground should not create deleterious effects on equipment/components.

g. Tip transient voltages generated by the soldering equipment should not exceed 2 V peak (Zin ≥ Ω).

The appropriate guidelines of this section also apply to nonconventional benchtop soldering equipment; including equipment which utilizes conductive, convective, parallel gap resistance, shorted bar resistance, hot gas, infrared, laser powered devices, or thermal transfer soldering techniques. Tools used are to be maintained such that no detrimental damage results from their use. Tools and equipment are to be clean prior to use and should be kept clean and free of dirt, grease, flux, oil and other foreign matter during use. The heat source is not to cause damage to the printed board or components.

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Solder Iron Tips - Acceptable Temp Tolerance? | 5 September, 2018


That it exactly what I was looking for and the resistance/leakage voltage tolerances line up with what I've already found scattered about the internet.

Thanks! -Phil

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