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Mydata K-029-0016 Elmo Power

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Mydata board K-029-0016 Elmo Power | 17 September, 2018

hello, Does anyone know about the value of components ˇDIODE AND REZISTORˇ near MOSFET transistor Q13 IRF840 on the board Mydata Plate K-029-0016 Elmo Power. Thanks


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Mydata board K-029-0016 Elmo Power | 18 September, 2018

Take a photo of the area on the board and of any other areas that look similar and/or use a IRF840 or similar large FET. Oh and post it here!


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Mydata board K-029-0016 Elmo Power | 19 September, 2018

Now I have to guess and make a few assumptions. Without looking at the back side of the board my guess is you have some 400-100V diode bridges before the resistor ,zener and the FET . The FET is a 500V 0.85 Rdson NFET. All of this suggests a chopper circuit on the input of a switchmode power supply , probably 240V. SO the next question is the resistor in series with the gate of the IRF840 then it could be anything from thirty to maybe 1K ohm. if in parallel maybe 10k to 100k ohm. The diode is probably a zener to stop over-driving the input to the IRF840. This you can work out by measuring the level from the driver section of the circuit. From the datasheet it will be less than 20V.


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