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Juki 740

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Juki 740 | 21 September, 2018

We have an old juki 740 which was purchased off of eBay at this time I am having placement problems with accuracy. I have taught to the board with the camera numerous times but I still have placement problems where the chip will be off the pad by almost 2 mm.

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Juki 740 | 21 September, 2018

Have you run some simple placement test yet? Use double-sided tape on the solder sample, run different size of components to see if all or certain size part are placed off; best with different rotation angle too. Chances are nozzle(s) or even shaft might be slightly bent when there was accidental hit with another object.

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Juki 740 | 21 September, 2018

Ran numerous tape boards with all the same results

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Juki 740 | 23 September, 2018

Try my program PCBSynergy to load up your machine, if you have any problems you can email me at the address on the webpage.

From your description you may have a camera offset issue.


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Juki 740 | 24 September, 2018


I suppose you didn't put any placement offset in the component placement settings.

did you perform the general calibration of the lasers? with the supplied calibration tool that comes with the machine.

check MSP parameters, as there might be a general placement offset for all chip components set.

in case you did the test on a sticky tape, to make sure there are no other items like placement height, tackyness of the paste, or blow off pressure in play. the machine must place the component accurate if above is all correct.


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Juki 740 | 24 September, 2018

Thank you all for the help, but like I stated the machine was from EBAY and none of the calibration tools were included with the units. I am now cretin that we need them or tto have Juki field service to come in. Thank you again Greg

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Juki 740 | 24 September, 2018

I guess you better buy yourself a calibration JIG, as you will need it after each service to the placement heads or lasers.

I have spare if I can help you with that, even better would be that the person who sold you the machine should give you the one that should come with the machine. that is only fair my opinion.

the way to go would be to perform an MSP calibration after relocating the machine. then perform a production calibration. then make some test with a small size component, then with this info fill in the general offsets of placement in the MSP.


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Juki 740 | 24 September, 2018

I have to ask if you are willing to sell your spare? Please let me know if you can part with it. Thanks Greg

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Juki 740 | 25 September, 2018

hello Greg,

Sure I'm willing to help you along. Please contact me first by email. So we can look for a fast and economical solution for you.

regards Bart

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