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Selective Gold Plating

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Selective Gold Plating | 24 September, 2018

How can you make a cathode for selective gold plating edge connector. I know you can add bus/tie bars but we want to remove them and just want to do selective hard gold plating of gold fingers.

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Selective Gold Plating | 24 September, 2018

IF you are wanting to do to this you are to late in the process. The gold is usually applied after the copper etching of the multilayer sandwich. The edge is extended beyong the board edge and the all pins are connected together with a bussbar. The board has a mask to cover all of the non-gold area. Then the gold is plated very thinly we are talking something beyond 6 atomic distances.

There is a website for plating whose name escapes me but it deals in depth with all professional plating issues.


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Selective Gold Plating | 27 September, 2018

add tie bar is the simple way to do gold plating on edge connectors, but there's method to remove this tie bars. However,the gold in this way looks not very bright.

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