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*.CRB File Extension

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*.CRB File Extension | 29 October, 2018


I'm supporting an EMS to produce a mounted board. They mentioned that they're using *.CRB for their program data input. May I know what program are they using? Are there any substitute file extensions aside from *.CRB?

Thank you.

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*.CRB File Extension | 30 October, 2018

It's prob better to ask them which machines they use, since you have a few extenstion for only 1 machine manifacturer. Also, it may be a CAD file and you have A LOT of different CAD extensions, so I think it's better to make it clear with that EMS company by machine. This is only my suggestion as someone who is in charge of programming P&P machines in EMS company.

Best Regards

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*.CRB File Extension | 1 November, 2018

Thank you. I just had discussion with them via their spokesperson. They're telling that they're using Panasonic NPM machines. However, I haven't discuss in details with their programming members. 1st thing, is to identify their programming software for any file associations.

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