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Electronic shop traveler

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Electronic shop traveler | 2 November, 2018

Good day all!! I am looking to go paperless with my travelers and i'm wondering if anyone knows of a low cost tool/software to support this? I'm not looking for a full MES or ERP system, we have these, but they don't have options for a traveler. I was thinking about developing an access database to support this and wondered if anyone had something in hand already that could be a building block for me, or if someone knows of a low cost traveler only system. We are looking to track: 1- operator sign off per operation, qty moved, date it was moved, open qty per operation, qc sign offs for first piece inspections per operation.. the normal stuff!! thanks everyone!!

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Electronic shop traveler | 2 November, 2018

The easiest way to do this would be to just put your ERP Online behind a password. Worry about writing a more complex system later. Access is no longer supported by Microsoft but the JET 2.0 format is still used a lot in Database sytems that started out as Access but outgrew it. They then evolved into programmed systems.


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Electronic shop traveler | 5 November, 2018


If you have a neat characterization document for what you need, we can test meanings and offer you a solution. You can send me an email:

Best Regards, Alexei

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Electronic shop traveler | 6 November, 2018

I had ambitions of doing something like that once. I got as far as an initial plan of what the relational database behind it might look like...


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