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BGA solder failure rate

Bart Smith


BGA solder failure rate | 28 October, 1999

I am a design engineer and have a circuit board design with a 292 pin BGA on it. The board manufacturer is experiencing a failure rate of about 2.8% on the BGA device due to soldering problems. This is my first experience with BGA. How does the 2.8% failure rate compare in the industry? Is this good, typical or bad? Any suggestions for improving the yields?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: BGA solder failure rate | 29 October, 1999

Hi Bart, that�s much to high. If that would happen to me my boss would tear my head off. For improving the yields you must find the cause for the soldering problems. What are the symptoms? What could be the cause for the symptoms? Could be design problems, coplanarity problems, printing, paste, profiles,handling, PCB, contamination, wave solder problems etc.

Find the cause, Good luck Wolfgang

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