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Yamaha Database

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Yamaha P-tool Database | 11 December, 2018

Hi Everyone

We setup a new smt line consisting from ys24 and ys12. When creating new programs I used stock names and added to database but after a while I recognized even if I used same package before I have to add it again because stock number is new. Then I started to use package name (0402 etc) instead of stock name but this time I noticed that the same stocked material could come with another package name(402-0402-IPC_402 etc) so i need to edit the csv file.

When using PPS-Pro for programing Assembleon AX,I was adding stock name then select package. So if I added stock name before I don't need to add it again and I used only one package name for same package. If I want to edit any package It effects to all parts which is using that package.

I want to do that in P-tool or if there is any advice for solution I will be happy.

Thanks a lot.

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Yamaha P-tool Database | 11 December, 2018

Send me some example files and the original CAD files and I will add these machines to PCBSynergy

Available here:-


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