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INSITE B BENCH TOP AOI | 14 December, 2018

Good morning, I am a consultant of the Court of Milan and I have to estimate the value of about 60 machinary Insite B Bench Top, manufactured in 2013. I wonder if these machines are still desirable on the market (eventually making some Investments/adaptation on them) or if today there are better versions that make impossibile to adapt these machines in order to sell them. The internal cameras are 5 and 10 megapixel cameras, the PC are ASUS / INTEL I7 / G LITE 3G1 equipped with Windows 7. Thank you in advance for your replies ...

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INSITE B BENCH TOP AOI | 14 December, 2018

Some breadcrumbs for you ...

Orbotech: In 2009, Orbotech's Assembly Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) division, which had been started in 1997 by the acquisition of Schuh GmbH, was spun off into a separate company, ORPRO Vision GmbH, which was then sold to Finpro Spa..

Orbotech: In March 2018, semiconductor company KLA-Tencor announced that it would buy Orbotech for a price of $69.02 per share, a 10% premium on the share price.

ORPRO Vision: In 2014, DeltaV Srl signed an agreement with Finpro Spa to acquire all intellectual property rights, know-how, brands and patents of ORPRO Vision products, including those previously developed by Orbotec,

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INSITE B BENCH TOP AOI | 20 December, 2018

thank you for the information, I've seen that Delta srl went bankrupt, so I imagine the know how has been definitely lost, isn't it?

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