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Remunerative Technology Transfer for IDEAL DIODE

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Remunerative Technology Transfer for IDEAL DIODE | 14 December, 2018

Remunerative Technology Transfer for IDEAL DIODE The IDEAL DIODE is elusive to inventors, researchers and scientists worldwide for decades and also highly sought after by a multitude of industrial sectors. Mr. Zheng, a brilliant retired senior engineer residing in Beijing, China has now invented it and is ready to begin negotiations for a mutually-beneficial licensing and/or transfer of this technology for purposes of manufacturing for all interested buyers. The asking price for each transfer agreement will start at USD$200,000,000.

The features of the IDEAL DIODE are as follows: Characteristics IDEAL DIODE Features Threshold Voltage No Threshold Voltage. Any forward voltage (however small) can be conducted instantly across its junctions

Forward Current Infinite forward current when any forward voltage is applied across its terminals

Breakdown Voltage No Breakdown Voltage, the IDEAL DIODE has infinite resistance to reverse voltage

Reverse Current Never conducts any reverse (leakage) current. It is a perfect insulator when voltage is applied in reverse

Should any companies or investors be interested in acquiring the above mentioned technology, please contact Mr. Zheng’s office at 01186 + 13683257350, or and

Thank you for your attention.

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