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spray gun for flux

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spray gun for flux | 18 December, 2018

hello everyone,

i'm looking for a spray gun that can withstand flux aggression. I made air controlled prototype for ersa wave machine, but air guns wear out quickly and start to leak. I was thinking about Binks model 95AR or something with stainless steel fluid passages. does any of have experience with this?

thank you

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spray gun for flux | 19 December, 2018

I created a spray fluxer for our wave solder years ago that is still working well although does consume a lot of flux and is also rather messy. It's cheap and easy though so what the heck, right? I just machined a manifold that will hold four BETE 1/4PJ10 316 SS fog nozzles and hooked to a pressure vessel that holds a can of flux. Simple but effective.

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