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tamper proof (but removable) labels

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tamper proof (but removable) labels | 30 January, 2019

I'm wrestling with the infamous adjustable torque drivers on the production floor.

Despite a procedure that clearly forbids it, we still have the occasional know-it-all that will just crank the knob until the desired setting is visible in the window and assumes it to be magically "calibrated" to deliver that level of force.

I'd like to get some tamper proof labels that once broken can actually be removed easily, since we do regularly reset and re-calibrate depending on the product of the day.

Any suggestions? Those clay based labels that have to be scraped off with a razor blade are not where I want to go, but standard labels that just peel off intact kind of defeat the purpose.

Right now I'm cutting up pieces of thin copper foil that we use for masking components from hot air rework tools but it's kind of cheesy - I'd like something that either says DO NOT REMOVE, or DO NOT REMOVE OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES (you know what I mean), or that I can print on.

Any ideas?

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