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Kiss selective solder flux

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Kiss selective solder flux | 7 February, 2019

Hi All,

What are you running for selective solder flux?

I'd like any opinion on water soluble and/or no-clean fluxes you are using.

In our Kiss 104 machine we use HYDRO-X20 water soluble flux, per the original install suggestion, but I'd like to know if that is still the suggested material and if anyone has an opinion/suggestion for same/different flux.


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Kiss selective solder flux | 8 February, 2019

BLT 31-41 "No Clean Selective Flux For Aerospace" On a Versaflow 3/45

Atomises well, good hole penetration, good wetting, cleans off well in the solvent cleaner. Use for SN100C, SA0307, and 60/40.

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Kiss selective solder flux | 13 February, 2019

I personally prefer a NC process if I have to chose. AIM flux was good NC377 I think(they keep changing names), NF 372 from and many more. You can make them all work...the KISS 104 ...

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