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reflow profile

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reflow profile | 19 February, 2019

dear experts,

i want your suggestion for getting a profile in Heller 1707 mk iii series re-flow machine ,its 7 zone machine recently we had a solder ability issues , so pls guide me ,how to set rts profile parameters

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reflow profile | 19 February, 2019

hello experts

if you had anyone rts and rss profiles HELLER 1707 MK III series 7 zone machine pls forward me


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reflow profile | 19 February, 2019

Reflow profiles are based on the product and materials you are soldering.

You need profiling software and a data logger.

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reflow profile | 19 February, 2019

Call Heller directly, and give them the oven, and relative thermal density of the board, as well as the solder paste that you're using. They'll be able to give you a baseline profile to start from (both RTS and RSS).

Otherwise, use a thermocouple profiler (such as KIK) attached to a board to run through the oven, and review the data collected. Newer devices and softwares have predictive capabilities that will recommend a profile setting based on the solder paste that you're using and the thermal data collected.

cheers, ..rob

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reflow profile | 19 February, 2019

Presumably you're talking about lead free, but you don't say.

Heller can probably provide you with a starting point, as rob has already pointed out, but you do need to develop the capability to perform profiling yourself.

That oven should have ECD profiling software and several thermocouples (they connect near the entrance) to enable you with that capability.

I would assume that the manual provides the basics for how to set up the process, but there are about a thousand published papers on the subject.

This might not be a bad place to start, although I haven't actually read this one. :)

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reflow profile | 20 February, 2019

Heller Oven comes with a profile pre-loaded so you can start there. RTS = Ramp to Spike. Basically a straight line from preheat to spike. Also known as “Tent” profile RSS = Ramp Soak Spike. This one creates a flat line around 150-180 degrees on the graph and then jumps up to peak. Our standard profile is almost RTS. We don’t dwell very long but it’s not a straight line up either. You can contact us by e-mail or call 973-377-6800 Ext. 5.

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