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Solder Station Logs

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Solder Station Logs | 25 February, 2019

Good morning! In order to comply with current IPC J-STD-001G Appendix A-2, I'm putting together a log to periodically monitor solder tip temp tolerance, tip resistance, voltage leakage, etc..

I'm solely focusing on the hand solder stations for the time being. Curious if any of you already have something put together. My questions to you are below..

-How often do you check the hand solder stations?

-Do you have a log per station or a sheet containing all hand solder stations with a pass/fail section for temp, voltage leak, etc?

-What equipment are you using? I purchased a Hakko FG-101 for starters.

I appreciate everyone's feedback in this matter.

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Solder Station Logs | 12 March, 2019

Thanks guys! lol

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Solder Station Logs | 13 March, 2019

Sorry, we were mid aerospace audit. We were checking annually, but now we are looking at either monthly, or ahead of every Hi Rel job as part of the route. We are looking at the FG102 as you can easier log by iron. Current issue we are looking at is linking irons to power supplies so they are always tested together.

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