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Thicker MBB Bag Punchure

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Thicker MBB Bag Punchure | 28 February, 2019

I have obervation that after migrate into thicker MBB bag, customer having mbb punchure at corner edge issue when shipping box is damaged at corner. There is no change of forwader or customer. Only different is thicker MBB with diffrent setting of vacumn pressure.

I am wondering if increased level of vacumn pressure would result shaper edge or mbb bag when they get fold and result into more tendency of punchure although we used thicker mbb. Is this make sense?

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Thicker MBB Bag Punchure | 5 March, 2019

We've noticed that bare PCB from fab house use bubble wrap vacuum sealed, however most of the time at the corners of stack of PCB bubble wrap is broken. Can't get our PCB house to change.

For moisture sensitive components in house after partial use we re-bag with MBB and heat seal with desiccant and moisture indicator, no vacuum. Seems to work well.

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