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Universal GSM Placement speed

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Universal GSM Placement speed | 21 March, 2019

Is there any way you can change the speed of how fast the head moves when placing a part?

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Universal GSM Placement speed | 26 March, 2019

Yes there is, just tell me the model of your machine since GSM is platform?

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Universal GSM Placement speed | 27 March, 2019

Yes, you can. However, if you go above designed, limits you might either break something or it won't operate as you expect. There are settings for each servo loop on the machine and you can play with acceleration, speeds etc. Not sure that it's smart thing to do, though...

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Universal GSM Placement speed | 5 April, 2019

I am also interested in this but to slow one of our machines down- it stops too quickly and shakes the machine more than I would like. We are running GSM1's on OS/2 and uic sw 3.3.

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