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Component missing in siplace mounter

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Component missing in siplace mounter | 6 May, 2019

I am using siplace XS Series mounter..I am getting component missing.. atleast one or two per shift production..I wonder this machine don't have option to check at last if any miss or thrown up component.what I need to check? I need any expert in siplace mounter to solve this missing issue..

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Component missing in siplace mounter | 6 May, 2019

First of all, I am not familiar with the machine you stated. But there is something you should check out. That is if the nozzle tips having solder paste stick to it or not. If nozzle tips having a fresh paste stick to it, the component might not actually be mounted onto the board, so it might make a "stamp mark" on the board. The reason is the component is still sticking to the nozzle tip as it lifts up after the place/mount. If the part still stuck to the tip when picking up a new part from the feeder, the machine won't able to recognize if a new part is actually not picked up (even if vacuum check is on) as the "old" part still stuck onto the nozzle, machine being tricked as new part succefully picked.

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Component missing in siplace mounter | 7 May, 2019

Thanks for the response Thomas..You are correct I got solder paste on both edge on the nozzle type 4007. But it uses for nearly 30 types of part number ..and also I will get missing without any issues in nozzle..I am unable to find the trace in that.. because it occur on different part number and that too less frequency..What are the other points need to check?

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Component missing in siplace mounter | 7 May, 2019

Like I stated before, I am not familiar with the machine. I can only make suggestions. If you found solder paste on the nozzle, clean it off to prevent part stuck to the nozzle tip. I would also check if the nozzle tips are being worn off; uneven wear off would causing minor vacuum leaking, which the part would drop the part before it gets to be placed onto the board. The machine should be having vacuum check & blow setting (small puff for fully release the part); you should check those. You might want to trial if it's the picking problem before move on solving the missing. Ensure picking is fine is the first thing to check off.

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Component missing in siplace mounter | 8 May, 2019

Hi Sankar,

I have had experience with the SX and X2 so I'm not sure how similar ours is to yours but i can give you some suggestions.

1. As Thomas said you could do a vaccum check and make sure the 4007 nozzle has around the same settings as the others. Also you may want to change the filter disk on the star the nozzle has paste on it.

2.You could see if it is a specific segment causing the issues by going into the Siplace pro and going into recipes and checking headsteps and see if its the same segment casuing the problem or you will be able to narrow it down.

3. You could slow down the head accerlaerion if its a bigger part or try different nozzle size.

4. go into on the machine the screwdriver icon the set setting icon- the gointo Check and set machine options (triangle with a screwdriver in it icon)- goto inspection tab and there should be options to stop the machine for any components lost or dropped..etc and it allows you to choose whether or not to paass it on to next machine ordont inspect..etc.

Just afew things to check, if this doesnt work let me know.

Thanks, Ryan

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Component missing in siplace mounter | 5 June, 2019

Sankar, it looks like you need an expert to help you. Missing component might be related to hardware, machine setup or software issues on you equipment which will require a tech or engineer to investigate.

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