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SMTech MV100

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SMTech/Quad MV100 Printer | 7 May, 2019

I Have a SMTech/Quad MV100 Printer and it powers up and system on activates but does not go through home sequence - any ideas? All axis will move in the diagnostic mode

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SMTech MV100 | 8 May, 2019

I have also reset and checked all the inputs are working and all seem OK.

Would be grateful if some one could confirm the home sequence, so I can at least start looking there first

Thanks in advance

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SMTech MV100 | 8 May, 2019

push the 2 left buttons on the membrane panel after releasing the e-stop....this should get you into then need to reset the system parameters. It may home then.

good luck, Bob

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SMTech MV100 | 8 May, 2019

Hi Bob, I already tried this :( Do you know the home sequence, as Im thinking it may be waiting for the first item to complete?


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SMTech MV100 | 8 May, 2019

pretty sure it does squeegie blades first....then if you have a drops and starts to move out.....and then the head moves. Most times i have seen this....if nothing is of the cover switches are not made...use a magnet on each one to disable it. Also there is a jumper on the side of some of the machines that has to be plugged in. After this...its usually reset system parameters or reseat the firmware chips on the boards.

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SMTech MV100 | 20 May, 2019

Thanks - This is exactly what it was. Separately I was isolating each of the safety circuits on the main board and that confirmed it was the top lid magnetic switch was faulty. It was the only one not shown as an input in the diagnostic page :(

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SMTech MV100 | 12 June, 2019

Good deal. I've had this issue many times and the magnetic switches almost always fixed it.

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