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YSVJ-650 led strips cutting machine

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YSVJ-650 led strips cutting machine | 15 May, 2019

1、YSVJ-650B three-group multi- blades cutting machine, multiple sets of tools run at the same time, split the whole piece at one time, greatly improve production efficiency; multiple sets of tool design ensure that the split plate effect is not deformed, it is effective Control product quality. 2 、The machine can connected to the pcb loader and unloader machine, can achieve full automation of the board, in the gradual rise of labor costs today, LED light strip board cutting machine to achieve automatic board can save a lot of labor for the enterprise cost. 3、This machine is mainly developed for the production of intermittent products in the LED lighting industry, in order to meet the demanding requirements of the deformation, to achieve the perfect board. This machine is also suitable for copper panels, COB panels and other panels. 4、Vacuum cleaner (optional );

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