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PCB Inspection Templates

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PCB Inspection Templates | 3 July, 2019

Hey Process Peeps,

I'm looking for a supplier of PCB Inspection templates for use at Wave Solder Inspection to verify placement and polarity of specific component locations. (This would be a template that the inspector would overlay over the PCB during inspection that would have cutouts that would allow them to verify specific component locations with polarity). Has anyone purchased these recently? Any help at all would be appreciated.


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PCB Inspection Templates | 4 July, 2019

Old school, lost are the days when we could just cut some holes in a presentation cell with an xacto knife, eh?

Most of these guys use plastic coated with some ESD prevention film. You have to wonder how well the film resists scratches. I guess that's why we have you, report back, please...

PCB Visual Inspection Templates

Stentech -

Asahitec -

BeamOn -

I-Source -

Guessing --- Stencil fabs => Inspection templates

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PCB Inspection Templates | 24 July, 2019

Wave soldering inspection templates enhance the visual inspection process by guiding the operator's eyes to a specific location on the board to check for the presence and correctness of components. I feel that PCB visual inspection template should be developed according to the application and requirements. Most PCB Manufacturers customize their own PCB visual inspection templates as per their requirements and application. However, you can follow these templates as wel:




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PCB Inspection Templates | 24 July, 2019

Go with Beamon. I've been using them for all our tooling needs for the past 20 years. From fixtures to stencils to templates, and even BGA reballing fixtures, they are a one stop shop.

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