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Have You Ever Meet the Same Problems in Wedge Bonding ?

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Have You Ever Meet the Same Problems in Wedge Bonding ? | 4 July, 2019

Today we will talk some other problems you may meet in the wedge bonding work. If you have any other supplement or suggestion, welcome to leave us message.

Appear welding spot indentation on the frame, what's the causes? How to solve?

1.The Wedge’s V slot is too deep? Then need to use stranger power and pressure.

2.The machine parameters? Excessive power and pressure?

3.Uneven clamping platform, shaking when bonding?

The wedge fails to transfer the ultrasonic energy? The reasons? How to solve?

1.Wedge material, too much impedance for the energy transfer? 2.Excessive adhesion of aluminum in V groove of the wedge leads to loss of energy? Need to clean it timely.

Causes and solutions of scratch on wire surface? 1.Chamfer diameter damage. 2.The wire itself is damaged. 3.Surface damage of wire clamping position. 4.The clip is not open. 5.The wire is being over dragged when bonding. 6.The chamfer position is attached with metal. 7.The bonding should be the first welding spot is higher than the second one. 8.The low wire arc causes the line to drag across the wedge surface. 9.Aluminum adhere to the wedge. 10.The relative position of the wedge and the wire guide, such as the relative step position, is too large to form a bending. 11.The inlet end of the wedge is not smooth, and the aluminum wire is not scratched during bonding.

The wire arc height is not up to the requirement, what’s the causes? 1.The threading tube varies in tightness. 2.The wire guide (mainly the head part) is worn and the Angle swings, resulting in inconsistent length.

This is all today's share,hope it can help you some, if you are in the demand of wire bonding tools- wire guide/cutter/wedge/clamp finger welcome to

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