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Bake vs Dry Box

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Bake vs Dry Box | 25 July, 2019

Hey all,

i'm hoping to get some feedback from the community on baking process versus a dry box.

current process we have for rework of PCBs is to perform a 16 hour bake cycle on hardware before BGA rework is performed. however this process is inefficient and the current baking oven we have is small capacity.

I've been looking at dry boxes but am unsure if this will achieve the same desired result, or if it will, how long of a period to reach to the same level of moisture removal?

lastly, if anyone has any recommended dry box suppliers please advise.

thanks in advance

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Bake vs Dry Box | 25 July, 2019

I represent ECD in the SE USA. They offer the SmartDRY product line.

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Bake vs Dry Box | 27 July, 2019

Doug: Please send me your email address by selecting the link below my avatar to the left

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Bake vs Dry Box | 29 July, 2019 You will have to register to download. It has the bake time charts. For BGAs at 40C we are talking days to weeks to months depending on thickness.

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