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Ekra E5 question

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Ekra E5 question | 26 July, 2019

Since our process engineer took off for allegedly greener pastures I've taken it upon myself to provide whatever assistance I can with the process side. In this case I'm trying to get the "2 1/2D" inspection up and running. They've never used it here in years of nursing these old beasts along and we need to.

My question is with respect to the side lighting inside the printer. The right side fixture doesn't light up during any phase of the process (or even when we open the door) including learning the stencil, learning paste, and the actual PCBA or stencil inspection steps. It's this way on all of our machines.

We've replaced the ballast on one machine along with both bulbs (and swapped the bulbs from left to right and back again to verify that they work) and still no dice.

Is this normal, or do we have issues? Didn't check, but maybe it's just the fixture contacts?

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