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Weird issue with Assembleon Opal xii

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Weird issue with Assembleon Opal xii | 26 July, 2019

This week we assembled around 30 panels of a LED board, totaling around 350 boards. In doing so we had to work around a really crazy issue.

1) A board goes in, all components are placed perfectly.

2) Next board goes in, all components are around 5mm to the +x, and 5mm to the -y.

This was 100% consistent, every other board would be perfectly placed, and the others would not be.

The "fix" that we did is, we placed the first board correctly. The next board when it was clamped, we hit the e-stop, reset and dumped the parts on the head, and conveyed the board out. The next board would be placed perfect.

Any thoughts? It's just crazy how it is so perfectly consistent. Didn't matter if the bad board had it's fiducials looked at or not, placed any components or not, once we stopped it and reset, the next board always worked.

I don't have another board/panel to test with, so I don't know if this is an issue with the machine, or just my board program, but either way, I don't see a cause. It seems like there is some crazy setting that the machine is following, because it doesn't seem like a "bug", it seems like it is doing exactly what it wants to do.

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Weird issue with Assembleon Opal xii | 6 August, 2019

Send me a copy of your program file. I will see if I can spot anything.

Contact me at the address on the webpage. sarason

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Weird issue with Assembleon Opal xii | 19 September, 2019

So.. I thought I had fixed the issue, but it seems not. The issue that was causing the fiducials to not be found, I 100% have solved. The board was not reaching the stopper before being clamped, causing the board to be a few mm's offset. I added a delay to the clamp, and this is fixed.

The bigger issue, is that the pick and place has the ability to ignore the fiducials if they are not found..

This is such a big issue, because no matter what the reason for it not finding them, it needs to error out when it can't find them.

Here's a video where I show the issue:

The machine will look for panel fiducials, if they are found, it will use them to correct placement data, and parts will be perfectly placed. If it can't find the fiducials, it will delay over the location of each fiducial for several seconds. It will then still proceed to place the components incorrectly, due to the board not being aligned.

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