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Which AOI machine ?

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Which AOI machine ? | 3 August, 2019

Hi to everyone,

We want to buy an AOI machine, What are the essential features for the AOI machine?

We couldn't decide between 2D and 3D, our highest component is about 2cm. The smallest case we use is 0402. Which product should we choose considering price / performance? which product should we choose for the future?

Below is the list of recommended machines to us. Those who are experts in this field and those who use the machines will be invaluable.

*2D #MIRTEC MV-6e #OMRON VT-S500 + SJI #SAKI BF-Frontier II #CyberOptics QX150i

*3D #CyberOptics SQ3000 3D #CyberOptics SQ3000 Fundamental #SAKI BF-3DI L2 #YAMAHA YSi-V #OMRON VT-530 Full #KOH YOUNG Zenith LiTE #MIRTEC MV-6 Omni

thanks in advance for your help and comments..

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Which AOI machine ? | 4 August, 2019

3D machine give you more opportunities. Now i works with YAMAHA, but i only to start the inversigation and can't say objecive opinion. Before i worked with KOH YOUNG - good machine. Also i heard that Omron good machine too. I reccomend to make two PCBA (model is the same) - one with no defect ("gold excample"), second - with diffrent defects. You need to test every AOI with PCBAs for speed, fails and etc. After this you can make decision.

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Which AOI machine ? | 4 August, 2019

We have a SAKI -BF-3D AOI , many problem with software Them in use for 3 years , but bugs is not go away. I cannot recommend this device

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Which AOI machine ? | 6 August, 2019

HI, The short answer is, "whichever machine finds your defects." I would suggest evaluating machines based on a common vehicle. Make a bad board and identify the defects. Make a good board and have your vendor teach and tune the machine to the good board. See if the machine finds the defects on the bad board.

Consider your process control goals. Do you just want a machine that finds parts out of polarity or missing or do you want a process control tool? My panacea is to utilize AOI to tune my SPI and printing process. Anyone can find a missing or rotated part. Not everyone can make intelligent aperture modifications and adjustments to the printer based on AOI data. I believe a couple of manufacturers are working on pairing AOI and SPI data to do just that.

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Which AOI machine ? | 13 August, 2019

Hi, I am actually analysing several AOIs for my company. I am evaluating an Omron one, Parmi one and Pemptron one as well. I want the AOI machine works as SPI as well. The only one that has this option (AOI 3D + SPI), is Pemptron one.

Do you have any experience with Pemptron? I would appreciate any feedback about it.


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Which AOI machine ? | 14 August, 2019

I don't work with AOI's but it sounds like you just scratch the surface if you evaluate only with good board and bad board.

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Which AOI machine ? | 18 August, 2019


For NPI process I will recommend Mirtec. For big bunch of product very power full station is Viscom S3088.

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Which AOI machine ? | 19 August, 2019

I work for more than 18 years with the assembly of electronic equipment, more than 10 years with AOI machines from Marantz, since the model M22XFV-350 which is an old-school machine, currently we work with V series, the model V22XM-350 in RGB, this recommend, is fast , simple in the creation of programs, for components we have the histogram analyser, easy to create and very fast, for more information,

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Which AOI machine ? | 27 August, 2019

It really depends on the assemblies/components that need to be inspected and the available budget.

3D machines are much more reliable at detecting faults while not generating masses of false calls but of course they cost more than 2D machines.

I have experience of programming a 2D SAKI Voyager which is a capable machine but does take a great deal of time to program and does tend to generate a large number of false calls if not programmed correctly. The limitation of 2D is that the software is interpreting a 2D image whereas with 3D it is taking actual measurements.

I also have experience of programming a 3D Koh Young Zenith Lite which is what i would recommend because the amount of false calls generated are far less. It would also be an investment for the future.

One of the main factors to consider which does have a large impact on the overall cost is the number of projectors as the more projectors the more repeatable and accurate the results. Systems with fewer projectors will suffer with shadowing problems and inconsistent results.

Whichever machine is decided upon I would recommend buying the system with an offline programming station to reduce the impact on production and SPC software to identify trends and generate improvement actions.

Hope this Helps Mike from Surface Mount Process

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Which AOI machine ? | 16 October, 2019

Hi everyone

Thanks for your valuable comments.

After some research we decided to buy a 3D inspection machine. there is a comparison table in the link below. According to this table, which machine would you prefer, why?


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Which AOI machine ? | 25 October, 2019

Viscom S3088UltraBlue is a powerful machine and vVision software is modern and easy to use. Great algorithms and power for experienced users to generate custom inspection processes = low false call rates. Viscom been in AOI for 30Y, well made German technology.

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