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Which Screen Printer ?

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Which Screen Printer ? | 3 August, 2019

Hello to everyone,

we want to buy a screen printer machine. screen printer, what are the features to be considered? The smallest package we use is 0402, we also use QFN components. We want to get the features of 2D review and measuring the amount of solder remaining.

Recommended machines to us; #RIGHT #ESE #E by DEK #SJ Innotech HP-520S #Yamaha YCP10 #SpeedPrint SP 700 #HC Automation Aetter

thanks in advance for your help and comments

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Which Screen Printer ? | 4 August, 2019

Hello! I used three from your list: ESE, DEK and SpeedPrint. From my point of view ESE is the best choice (ESE - good and not so expencive, DEK - very good and expencive, SpeedPrint - average). 2D is slow option and need to compare with efficiency other equipment. Often 2D will be the neckbottle.

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Which Screen Printer ? | 6 August, 2019

Hmmm, what makes the Speedprint merely average? On paper at least they seem to spec a pretty decent machine, I've seen one mid-build in their factory, that looked pretty decent too. I haven't watched one in action tho'.

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Which Screen Printer ? | 7 August, 2019

I've got 2, they are OK but nothing to write home about. Paste inspection is very very slow compared to Hawkeye, service costs are also pretty high, similar snagging issues on new machines as others I've seen. Don't see many day to day problems, but we don't thrash ours. On the other side the apps team there are easy to get hold of for what if? questions and there is good support for SPI integration across the board.

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Which Screen Printer ? | 7 August, 2019

Hello, all of them are good printers but I don't know why limit to them three. How about using MPM Elite printer? We have 8 SMT lines and all are equiped with this printer, which performs excellent.

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Which Screen Printer ? | 7 August, 2019

Yes, the servicing certainly seem to be quite high and that seems to be a bit of a pattern for Blakell Europlacer in gerneral. In the past they have indicated it was an area they might be prepared to be a bit flexible on by factoring in your usage, there possibly being an engineer who was in commutable distance etc. And you do need to factor in the 5yr warranty.

Of course if you're not in the UK you could well be dealing with a re-seller who might have a completely different cost&support structure.In the UK at least they are very focused on line solutions, find a plant list that includes one machine and they will invariably have others from the same source.I bet that multiple devices suddenly makes the servicing look much more reasonable. However there isn't any getting round the fact with a DEK you can even choose from several 3rd party support options as they are so well established.

Important also to bear in mind the Speedprints are built with the same low/mid volume emphasis as their pick and place machines which will account for some of the differences. Some of the other options might well be better for volume with less changeover or where the software is less important.

DEK and MPM both have 2 tiers in their printer lineup, Speedprint has one plus options. ESE and HIT are Asian brands that seem to have reasonable specs. There's a whole bunch of others like Desen that seem to have weird print area limitations( or the same typo copied across multiple brands).

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Which Screen Printer ? | 7 August, 2019

Hi @Spoiltforchoice, 5yr warranty isn't for UK, and the printers, smt, ovens and AOI are all treated differently with separate call out charges, We never get one crew in with one set of travel costs to service all. Also single line solution isn't integrated like a Yamaha where the AOI automatically corrects placement, or where P-tool handles all machine programming/set up.

There are a lot of other benefits, especially if you can use trace and the component testers effectively.

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Which Screen Printer ? | 7 August, 2019

Hello! I used three SpeedPrint 210avi in our factory. They worked ok, but i had some problems: 1) Printer foil clamps. Steel thin blade which press PCB on table is connected to metal base by glue. As a result you need to change it every month, but after consulting with service i had found how to decrease the pressure of pressing. Using glue in printer construction is NG idea. 2) Reduction gears for table adjusting relatively screen. After some time they become clogged one by one. For maintain it need to remove from the printer and this action not easy. There is no instruction for correct maintaince such part in standart manual. I needed to ask more information from our service when i had understood that usial cleaning and greasing not help for long time. 3) Two upper cameras instead of one camera block. No possible to view graved fiducials on bottom screen side. But it is not critical.

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Which Screen Printer ? | 16 October, 2019

Hi everyone

Thanks for your valuable comments.

How important is the weight of the machine? How important is the vacuum feature of the stencil clamp?

Does Yamaha use YCP10? Is the single blade system handy?

there is a comparison table in the link below. According to this table, which machine would you prefer, why?

Does anyone use grid lok ( or quick tool ( on the printer machine? Does it significantly affect process quality?


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Which Screen Printer ? | 17 October, 2019

Hi! I had worked with and without gridlock for DEK. Print quality is the same for both variants. Gridlock for operator work simplifying. Also gridlock reduces operator risk of mistake.

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Which Screen Printer ? | 13 November, 2019

Check on reecoupons, I hope you will find there.

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